Industrial Electrical Services

Installing and maintaining electrical wiring is a complex but necessary task, so it’s best to entrust the safety of your commercial, industrial, and agricultural facilities to our esteemed industrial electricians. Our electrical services include:

The industrial and agricultural sectors are critical to both the nation and world-wide economies. Things like grain elevators, silos, chemical plants, power plants, and control stations require the utmost care and maintenance to ensure they run smoothly and do not put workers’ lives at risk. We can help facilities maintain OSHA compliance and even assist in automation.

Stores and warehouses are not an exception to safety regulations when it comes to electrical wiring. Employees and customers alike must rest assured that they are safe to go about their day. Is your retail lighting intact? What about your security systems? We will assess your location’s current wiring, catch any problem spots, and ensure everything is up to code. If you are looking to go the green route, we can also introduce eco-friendly alternatives.

Regular and consistent auditing of your facility’s electrical wiring is critical to ensuring workers go home safely at the end of their day. We happily complete a 3-part audit every year where we assess your electrical wiring. Then, we will document our findings (what is working well and what isn’t) and recommend appropriate solutions. Next, we take it upon ourselves to correct any problems so you can feel confident in your operations again. Our 3 audits include:

  • HazMon Systems
    • Installed by industrial and agricultural electricians to monitor the performance of machinery and prevent catastrophic events.
  • Arc Flash Study & Coordination Study
    • A two-part audit consisting of arc flash labels to warn workers of hazards and a comprehensive report on the various components within an electrical system.
  • Infrared Imaging
    • A type of electrical wiring audit to detect differences in temperature. This is a non-invasive way to detect potential problem spots.

Get Your Facility Optimized With Optimize Electric

At Optimize Electric, our passion lies in keeping people safe from harm at all times. Although we are Houston-based, we have clients across different states who entrust us with keeping their facilities safe. If you would like to optimize your electrical safety, please contact us. We look forward to working together!

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Optimize Electric is an electrical contractor based in Houston that proudly optimizes industrial and agricultural facilities, as well as commercial spaces. We look forward to making your workplace safe for everyone.

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