Commercial Electrical Services

When it comes to commercial property operations, owners should look to hire competent contractors that have specialized commercial electricians. While residential, industrial/agricultural, and commercial electricians have an overlap on the jobs they can service, there are a few key differences among the three. Residential electricians work on electrical systems in homes. Industrial electricians specialize in working with equipment associated with manufacturing and processing plants. Lastly, commercial electricians specialize in working on electrical systems for retail stores, strip malls, hotels, office buildings, warehouses, mixed-use facilities, and more. This degree of specialization is especially important for a contractor such as Optimize Electric who prioritizes safety in its engagements because each project operates differently. Out of the three, commercial properties host the most foot traffic (combined employees and customers), prioritize aesthetics (service industry, corporate headquarters), and high variation in intended use. These are the key things that our commercial electricians consider when designing a commercial electrical system that is safe for workers and patrons.

Specialized Services Our Commercial Electricians Can Offer Your Business

We have envisioned our company, Optimize Electric, to be a one-stop shop that can offer a full suite of electrical needs for organizations with commercial operations regardless of size, scope, and complexity. Part of this vision is our commitment to guaranteeing industrial, agricultural, and commercial workers return to their families safely at the end of their shift through the electrical safety solutions we implement. A business that takes care of its employees is a business that has employees that take care of its clients. To pursue this ideal, we have integrated licensed specialized commercial electricians that can offer the following services for different commercial project types:

  • Plan and spec
  • Design and build electrical installation for new construction 
  • Remodels and renovations 
  • Expansions 
  • Maintenance program 
  • Commercial lighting installation 
  • Warehouse wiring, lighting wiring, wiring for retail 
  • Wiring for retail

Benefits of Hiring a Specialized Commercial Electrician from Optimize Electric

With over 25 years of combined experience in commercial electrical services, our licensed and fully-trained commercial electricians can see to it that the specific needs of your commercial enterprises are met while still prioritizing safety. 

  • Safety - Optimize Electric is familiar with a wide range of commercial operations and their logistical requirements when it comes to electrical systems. Our commercial electricians can see to it that these unique requirements are fully met while still keeping the highest standard of safety. This ensures that the workers can work safely and efficiently and that customers have a great worry-free experience. 
  • Lighting Upgrades and Retrofit – Our commercial electricians can do retrofits and upgrade your lighting systems to improve the aesthetics of your property and lower its energy costs. Depending on the size of the commercial operation, savings resulting from this retrofit can be very significant.
  • Installation of Proper Commercial Lighting Systems – Lighting installation in commercial properties are often wired in unique ways (i.e. wiring for retail) that are distinct from residential properties and industrial operations. Our licensed commercial electricians can see to it that proper commercial lighting systems and lighting wirings based on our clients’ specific needs are installed.
  • Installation of Proper Wiring – Proper wiring installation by our licensed and trained commercial electrician allows for the seamless connection and integration of the commercial property’s electrical components such as those used in warehouse wiring. Part of this service is maintaining proper work documentation for easy inspection, maintenance, and future upgrades.
  • Compliance – Most importantly, our experienced and duly licensed commercial electricians can ensure that the commercial property’s electrical systems are safe and compliant with all relevant standards, local regulations, and laws. 

Optimize Electric, the Easiest Commercial Electrical Contractor You Can Work with

As a specialized electrical contracting company based in the Houston and serving clients across other states, we have worked with different industrial, agricultural, and commercial operations of varying sizes across the country. With over 25 years of combined experience in this field, our team understands and anticipates our client needs to provide electrical services that are of the highest standard. Since the inception of our company, the focus is always on promoting safety in all the electrical systems we install, audit, and maintain.The priority has always been to ensure that the people working at the projects we have serviced are kept safe from electrical hazards. Call us now and entrust the safety of your commercial electrical services to the capable hands of our commercial electricians so you can focus on growing your business.

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